Odoo Implementation

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Business Need Analysis

The first step allows the project manager to compile all the relevant business needs of the company.

This comes in the form of a series of interviews with department managers to analyze their work flows. The final deliverable is a prototype specification and a GAP Analysis.

Full Featured Prototype (15%)

The next step is to fully configure and customize Odoo to cover all business flows. The scope is defined as “the maximum you can get from a standard solution, with customization but no development”. Although no data is imported and no third-party software is integrated, the software should be fully functional and the company should theoretically be able to start using it as is (even if some steps are still manual).

At the end of this phase, key users should have a full demonstration as well as access to test the software against all the necessary business flows the company will need (with only 80% of the features).

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Development & Data Import

WWith a fully functional POC, the customer and the project manager should be able to demonstrate the final solution to key users. As a result, you will be able to validate the remaining developments that are worth investing time on.

User Acceptance & Training

Once the software is ready, you can train all users in the company. During the same phase, the customer is responsible for all final tests and should provide the green light, to allow you to go into production. Writing the documentation is the responsibility of the customer as a good documentation should match customer’s internal processes.

Having the customer write the documentation is a good way to ensure they have fully tested the software in “standard practice” before going into production.

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Business Need Analysis

In this step we compile all the relevant business needs of the company. This comes in the form of a series of interviews with client to analyze their work flows.

Full Featured Prototype

In this step we develop/customize based on the analysis made in previous step.

Validation & Training

In this step we give training on how to use the software Final testing and validation is responsibility of Client.

Get Delivered

One we get green light in previous phase we are ready to Go Live.