Odoo Migration

Want to upgrade your existing Odoo to a newer and faster Odoo versoin?.
We are here to help you with that.

Every year Odoo releases a newer, faster ofcourse a better version than previous version. If you don't upgrade with the time you are left behind from the new look and feel, speed and new features.

Already, decided to migrate your current Odoo version to newer Odoo version?

Let us know, We do it better, faster and relatively cheaper than other players in the market.

Still wondering Why?

Simply becuase our developers have spent hours and hours in developing tools which help them doing the migration faster and more accurate than other market players


In this step we compile all the relevant business needs of the company. This comes in the form of a series of interviews with client to analyze their work flows.

Full Featured Prototype

In this step we develop/customize based on the analysis made in previous step.

Validation & Training

In this step we give training on how to use the software Final testing and validation is responsibility of Client.

Get Delivered

One we get green light in previous phase we are ready to Go Live.